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Evaluation Forum of ‘ASEAN Women’s Economic Empowerment through Digital Literacy and e-Business Education’

This is a forum that linked to a project implemented by Asia Pacific Women’s Information Network Center (APWINC) of Sookmyung University since June 2018. Throughout one year project, this project is expected to strengthen gender equality through female empowerment through digital economy in ASEAN. Participated by experts and researchers in ASEAN, this project has sucessfully implemented various activities such as conducted preliminary study on women, ICT and business, workshop and local training in Lao PDR, Malaysia and Thailand. Furthermore, this project also developed e-business platform to prepare women entrepreneurs capacity. Local training was provided for the local entrepreneurs to utilize the platform and to maximize their skill on product design with the available software in the internet. This project also conducted an evaluation forum. This forum aiemd to do the project results sharing, overall project evaluation, future direction development and project effectiveness evaluation. Dr. Lukytawati Anggraeni, a senior lecturer and researcher from Economics Department, Faculty of Economics and Management, IPB Univesity-Indonesia, participated in the evaluation forum.

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