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Dr. Eka Puspitawati, S.P., M.Si

Nama : Dr. Eka Puspitawati, S.P., M.Si
NIP/NIDN : – / –
Pendidikan : S1 : Ekonomi Pertanian dan Sumberdaya, Faperta, IPB (27-5-2000)
S2 : Ekonomi Pertanian, IPB (21-1-2004)
S3 : PhD of Sciences, the University of Adelaide (31-7-2013)
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Kepakaran : Ilmu Ekonomi


Mata Kuliah yang diampu:

  1. Makroekonomi (Macroeconomics)
  2. Mikroekonomi (Microeconomics)
  3. EkonomiUmum (Basic economics)
  4. EkonomiKeuanganInternasional (International finance economics)
  5. International economics
  6. EkonomiKetenagakerjaan (Labor economics)
  7. Research Methodology


Penelitian 5 Tahun Terakhir:

No Tahun Judul Penelitian
1. 2014 Survei Opini Stakeholders Kementerian Keuangan RI 2014 (Stakeholder Opinion Survey of Indonesia Ministry of Finance 2014).
2. 2014 Kajian Kebijakan Pangan Indonesia Terkait Isu Food Security di WTO (Study of Indonesian Food Policy Related to Food Security Issues).
3. 2014 Kajian Analisis Kebijakan Strategi Pengendalian Impor (Study of Indonesian Strategic Policies on Controlling Import).
4. 2014 Assessing the Macro-Economic Impacts of the Implementation of Reduced Deforestation Policies In Indonesia.
5. 2014 ASEAN and Regional Free Trade Agreements: Consolidation or Creation? Funded by the Economic Research
6. 2013 Arrangement of Regional Finance Ability in Bogor District (PenyusunanKemampuanKeuangan Daerah Kabupaten Bogor). Regional Planning and Development Agency of Bogor District
7. 2013 SurveiOpini Stakeholders Kementerian Keuangan RI 2013 (Stakeholder Opinion Survey of Indonesia Ministry of Finance 2013).
8. 2013 Academic Document of Indonesian WTO Position on Food Security Issues.
9. 2013 Kajian Batas Maksimal Pengusahaan Lahan Perkebunan Kelapa Sawit di Indonesia (Kajian Ilmiah Mengenai Revisi Permentan No. 26 Tahun 2007) (A Study of Land Restriction on the Indonesian Oil Palm Plantation: A Case Study for the Revision Law of Permentan No. 26 Year 2007).
10. 2013 Constructing A Recursive Dynamic Version of MIER GE Model (RDMIER).
11. 2013 Public Perceptionon Biotech Potatoes.
12. 2012 Indonesian Position in Services (AFAS) ASEAN Agreement.
13. 2012 Impacts of Industrialization of Backward Linkage Industries on the Manufacture Industry Performance in Indonesia.
14. 2011 Socio-Economic Assessment and Monitoring: Linking Vegetable Farmers with Markets in West and Central Java, Indonesia.


Publikasi 5 Tahun Terakhir:

No Tahun Judul
1. 2014 Three Models of Public Private Partnership in Agriculture Sector. 12th IRSA conference, Makassar.
2. 2014 PotensidanPeluangPerdagangan Indonesia denganTimur Tengah 2014. Koran Republika, 23 Januari 2014.
3. 2014 The Electronics Industry in Indonesia (Chapter 10). Findlay, C. (ed.), ASEAN and Regional Free Trade Agreements: Consolidation or Creation? The Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA) Project Report 2014 (under review).
4. 2013 Contracts and Marketing Decisions of Indonesian Potato Growers. Dissertation at the University of Adelaide, Adelaide
5. 2013 Indonesia’s Food Security and the WTO (Ketahanan Pangan Indonesia dan WTO) (in Bahasa). Orange Book, Faculty of Economics and Management – IPB, Bogor.
6. 2012 Indonesian Economy Projection 2013: Development on a Weak Base (in Bahasa). Jakarta: INDEF. ISBN: 979-97810-23
7. 2012 Patterns, Determinants, and Effects of Farmers’ Participation in the Modern Channels: A Case of Indonesian Potato Farmers. Policy Brief presented at Final Workshop of Transforming Markets for High-Value Agricultural Commodities in Indonesia: Promoting Competitiveness and Inclusion. Jakarta, 11 December 2012.
8. 2011 Determinants of Trust in the Indonesian Potato Industry: A Comparison between Groups of Potato Farmers. Journal of Agribusiness 29, 1 (Spring 2011)
9. 2011 Determinants of Trust in the Indonesian Potato Industry: A Comparison among Groups of Potato Farmers. Paper Presented at 55th Annual Conference of the Australian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society (AARES), Melbourne, 7 – 11 February 2011


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